Course Syllabus

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  1. Identification data
  2. : Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture

Character of the discipline: elective


Credit hour: 02 class-hours weekly (30 class-hours total)

             no prerequisites

Professors: Tiejun Gu, Mengzhu Lu, Yunjian He, Rui Zhang

Teaching languages: English and Chinese

Target audience: graduating students in degree and bachelor degree in all majors.


  1. Docket: History of Chinese language features of Chinese language, history of Chinese literature, introduction to important Chinese literary works, history of Chinese civilization, school of Chinese traditional thoughts, and introduction to Chinese arts.


  1. Objectives:

a) Forming a general view of Chinese language, literature, culture and art;

  1. Understanding some features of Chinese language and culture in comparison with western culture;

c) Developing interest in studying Chinese language and culture.


  1. Syllabus:

Section one: Chinese language

History of Chinese language

        Features of Chinese language in comparison with western languages

Section two: Chinese Literature

History of Chinese literature

Introduction to some important Chinese literary works

Section three: Chinese Culture

       History of Chinese civilization

       Main schools of Chinese traditional thoughts

Section four: Chinese Art

       Main kinds of Chinese Art

       Introduction to some important Chinese art works


  1. Teaching methods:
  1. Lectures and discussions in class;
  2. Performances with multimedia;
  3. Essay writing on the designated topics.


  1. Rating:
  1. Participation in class (presence), 10%
  2. Homework (essay writing, etc.), 10%
  3. individual contributions for discussions, 20%
  4. End of term written exam, 60%


  1. Basic bibliography

Guo Shangxing, Sheng Xingqing, A History of Chinese Culture, Hernan University Press, 1993

Long Maozhong, Jia Aibing, A Bird’s Viwe of Chinese Culture, Huadong Science and Technology Unviersity Press, 2009

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