Information about Credit Course for semester 2016/2

05/04/2018 14:59

Official name in Portuguese: Introdução à Língua e Cultura Chinesas

(Introduction in Chinese Language and Culture)

Course Code: LET02133

Credits: 2

Day: Friday – Time: 13:30-15:20

Students who can apply in this semester: undergraduate students of Letters major


Summary: History and characteristics of Chinese Language; History of Chinese Literature; Introduction to remarkable Chinese literary works; History of Chinese civilization; Introduction to Chinese Arts


Objectives: Enable undergraduate students to have a broad understanding of many aspects of Chinese language, literature and culture, from its early days until the present.






1st to 3rd

History of Chinese Language

1. Origin of Chinese Characters

2. Development of Chinese writing

3. Dialects

4. Contemporary Chinese Language

4th to 6th

History of Chinese Literature

1. Chinese Literature before Qin Dinasty

2. Chinese Literature before Qing Dinasty

3. Modern (Contemporary) Chinese Literature

7th to 9th

Introduction to literary works

1. Qi Yuan and poetry

2. Li Bai and poetry

3. Cao Xueqin and romance – Dreams in the red mansion

10th to 12th

History of Chinese Civilization

1. Society before Qin Dynasty

2. Society before Qing Dynasty

3. Modern (Contemporary) Society

13th to 15th


1. Calligraphy

2 and 3. Drama and Opera

16th to 17th

Reviewing contents and debate

Class will be divided on Workgroups to debate



Deadline for submitting final work


Recovery activity

Activity or examination for students who didn’t achieve the minimum score to be approved.


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